Nome —

Product Strategy & Design.

Nome is an app designed for hardcore food lovers - at it’s core, it allows foodies to save restaurants to their list, giving them a place to store all of their gastronomy to-do’s.

Beyond the to-do list, the comprehensive roadmap sees Nome becoming the social-hub for all things food related - allowing you to boast cuisine superiority over your friends, share your “hot spots”, and complete challenges.

Working closely with the Nome team I conducted a full product audit, stripped back and identified the core engagement loop of the product, outlined a rock solid product strategy, and delightful visuals to match.

As Nome had an existing product and user base, my focus was very much so on improving user engagement and retention - as well as defining the product focus, providing more clarity for the users.

I will be continuing to work with Nome into future releases - conducting regular user interviews and research that will give us a greater insight into how people are interracting with the product.

Over the coming period of time, our primary focus will be continuing to build upon the strong foundation we’ve laid our during this re-design, and ensuring that the community is at the heart of everything we do.

Just getting things ready for you.