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Where can I help?

Although I work best when working directly with founders and taking the product from ideation to v1.0, I’m happy to jump in at any stage of the process. If I feel you’re not ready to jump into design yet, I’ll let you know - I’ll never take on a project if I don’t believe I’ll add more value than I charge.

The Thoughtful Part

Even the best ideas have to be planned out. I’m on-hand to help with product strategy (and exploration), roadmapping, planning, and wireframing.

The "Nice Colors" Part

Every product needs a strong face. I put an emphasis on building delightful consumer facing designs - from icons, to styleguides, everything is taken care of.

The "Ooooo" Part

From micro-interactions to complex transitions, attention to detail is what makes experiences truly delightful. I work hard to produce subtle and enjoyable behaviours.

The Mountain Climb Part

Getting it out the door is just the first step - there’s still a mountain to climb. I dive into qualitative and quantitative data to improve your product.

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Product Strategy

Product definition, Exploration, Roadmapping, Sketching, Research.

User Experience

Wireframing, User flows, User interviews, Product planning.

Visual Design

Iconography, Typography, Style guides, Logos, Branding, Interactions.


User interviews, A/B testing, Rapid iteration, Product enhancement.

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